Simily 6000?

The creative writing site sees a growth spurt

Andy Spears


Photo by Skye Studios on Unsplash

I’ve been writing at Simily since the beginning of 2022 and regularly chronicling the experience.

Recently, I noted that despite a lack of any real social media use/engagement, the platform has surpassed 5000 members.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I logged-in today to find the site at nearly 6000 members. That would be an increase of close to 800 members over the course of a week.

What is happening? Why are people signing up?

I’ve certainly been among those who have pointed out the site’s shortcomings. I also noted the site consistently adds 50–100 new members a week.

Why nearly 800 this past week?

It clearly can’t be because of social media promotion, because Simily’s social channels are virtually non-existent.

Are they advertising? I hope so!

I’ve been pleased with the overall quality of writing on the site. I was, too, delighted to have a piece chosen as “Story of the Month” and to see that their email and website promotion of that piece gave me a lot of reads.

Does anyone know why so many people would be added to the site in the past week?

I suspect, too, that a number of people take the discounted first month, then end their subscriptions. So, that means a couple hundred people probably join each week and about 100 drop their memberships.

So, again, why the surge in the past week?

Do you write at Simily? What are your favorite outlets for creative writing?



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