Is it Possible to Build a Profitable Writing Business?

One writer shares his story of a $2000+/month business

Andy Spears
2 min readJan 4, 2022

Many writers come to Medium for the chance to earn money from their writing. Many more, I’d suggest, end up on Medium because of the large number of articles about how to make money writing. To be clear, most of these articles are about a cumulative experience. That is, it’s not just by way of Medium that one earns a living from writing.

One example of these pieces of actionable advice around writing for a living comes from Carter Kilman. He details his two-year trek toward a sustainable business writing. The bottom line: His average income from freelance writing is just over $2000/month. And, he’s had a couple of $5000+ months.

The other takeaway? It takes time. It took him two years to build this business.

The Painfully Patient Way to Build a $5,000 Monthly Writing Business | by Carter Kilmann | Entrepreneur’s Handbook (

This message matches up nicely with another piece from a writer who spent a ton of time on Medium before she began earning a steady 4-figure monthly income.

$5000 a Month on Medium?. It is possible, at least for one writer… | by Andy Spears | Jan, 2022 | Medium

While I’ve posted on Medium off and on since 2019, I’ve been really serious about it for less than a year. I continue to both write a lot about the issues (consumer affairs, education, health policy) that interest me and read a lot about how to be a more effective writer.

I’m always curious to learn from other writers about how they are using this platform (or other platforms) to expand the impact of their writing.

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