Yes, I’m Still on Simily

11 weeks on a new writing platform

Andy Spears
2 min readMar 27, 2022
Photo by Luke Lung on Unsplash

I’ve been chronicling my experience writing on Simily for 11 weeks now.

Here’s the deal: The site has nearly 3300 members and growth is slow. 100 members or so each week. Slow.

My numbers: 103 followers, 6 stories, nearly $4 in earnings.

Not super exciting, I know.

Here’s my highest earning story there:

So, why do I keep writing there? Because I want to see how it goes. It doesn’t make sense to join a very new platform and just leave after a week or two.

Second, I’ve had some decent engagement on my stories — some helpful feedback. If nothing else, it serves as a testing ground for short fiction.



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