Workers of Wells Fargo: Unite!

Employees at one of America’s largest banks explore unionization

Andy Spears


Photo by Jack Cohen on Unsplash

I’ve written a fair amount about one of America’s largest (and baddest) banks, Wells Fargo.

Now, it seems that workers at some Wells Fargo branches are exploring the possibility of joining a union.

Employees in Albuquerque, N.M., and Bethel, Alaska, said they would notify the National Labor Relations Board that they plan to hold elections to decide whether to unionize. If they get enough votes, they could start the first union at a major bank in decades.

Wells Fargo consistently finds itself in trouble for poor treatment of customers, including a fake account scandal that impacted 16 million Americans.

They’ve also not been the best place to work.

From wage stagnation to overwhelming work schedules, workers have complained that Wells is not treating its people well.

If organizers in New Mexico and Alaska are successful in joining the Communication Workers of America (CWA), it seems likely other Wells Fargo branches will follow.




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