Will I Share This Story About ManyStories on ManyStories?

One of many stories about a story sharing platform

Andy Spears
1 min readMar 5, 2024
Email from ManyStories about my Many Stories

In case you want to track down all my content across every platform, you can do so easily from ManyStories.

I share it all there.

The happy, the sad, the mundane.

Has sharing on ManyStories dramatically changed my writing life?


But the site offers a convenient way to reach a few more potential readers.

It also offers these cheery emails that encourage me to keep on writing.

And sharing my writing.

And writing about sharing my writing.

And then sharing that writing.

On ManyStories.

When I think about it (I don’t often think about it), it all seems a bit silly.

But I keep doing it.

Not only do I find a few potential readers by sharing at ManyStories, but I also run across pieces from other writers that I don’t find readily here at Medium.

So, I will definitely be sharing this story about ManyStories on ManyStories.

Where do you share your content?



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