Why I Stopped Publishing on Simily

And where I’m focusing my writing efforts

Andy Spears
2 min readNov 29, 2022


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If you’ve followed my writing journey over the past year, you know that I was an early fan of Simily.

I was drawn to the platform because it was initially focused on creative writing — and especially fiction.

I love Medium, but the platform is not exactly known to be a hotbed of fiction writing — or, rather, it’s not known for supporting fiction like other writing on the platform.

Simily embraces and celebrates creative writing. So, yay!

I started out there and found some other good creative writers. I enjoyed what I was reading, even if the interaction was a bit …. slow.

I figured it’s a small platform and growing, so give it time.

I gave it LOTS of time.

I won a “story of the month” there — and that kept me interested.

But Simily’s social channels are basically dead and, now they aren’t even updating earnings on any type of regular basis.

It’s very frustrating.

Sure, they’ve crossed 10,000 subscribers. But the engagement isn’t there.

I cashed out after hitting my first threshold ($10) and am building toward a second.

That should tell you something. I have 161 followers, have published 15 stories, have promoted my work, and have ALMOST earned $20.

Now, the site’s not updating earnings or reads. The engagement is still — spotty at best.

The founders have promised that platform migration is a key goal once they achieve funding. They’ve even started a project of collecting videos to promote the site to funders.

I just — I can’t. I’m not going to publish anything new there until there are changes. Until social channels come back, until the platform migrates.



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