Why I Keep Sharing on ManyStories

No, it’s not just the trophies

Andy Spears
2 min readApr 11, 2023
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Everyone likes to win.

We like to be acknowledged for doing something that sets us above or apart.

I’m no exception.

I began my ManyStories journey with some skepticism — but also with a touch of hope.

Hope that by sharing my work there, I’d eventually see some payoff.

Within a few weeks, I saw — something.

I was in the Top 10 in writers sharing their stories.

This meant my profile was featured on the front page — new visitors to ManyStories would see me and see links to my stories.

This past week, I was the 4th top writer on ManyStories — and also the 7th top reader.

I don’t just share my work there, I also check out the work of other writers.

Like Medium, ManyStories is a community of writers.

I follow writers who write on topics I like.

We are all there to find a way to get more eyes on our words.

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating: Since sharing on ManyStories, I’ve noticed a steady (albeit slow) increase in the views on my Medium stories.

Of course, I also share my NewsBreak and Substack posts there. It can’t hurt to have one more shot at someone checking out your story.

In fact, at least in terms of my Medium views, it seems to be helping.



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