Why I Deleted My Job Search Alerts

And how I’m building the life I want

Andy Spears
3 min readOct 28, 2022


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This is a story about time and money.

Yes, money can sometimes give us time.

That is, it can free us to pursue opportunities — some of those even bring us joy.

I’ve written before about my own struggle to balance the need for some basic level of money and the conflict with what that does to my available time.

From October of 2021 until October 14th of this year, I had a contract job that was full-time. I also teach 5 college classes (I taught six in the fall of 2021), and I have a client that pays me to give them 80 hours a month of work.

So, two full-time assignments and a part-time gig.

Plus, writing.

It has now been two full weeks since my full-time, contract job ended.

Since this summer, I’ve had a series of job alerts from various job search sites (Indeed, ZipRecruiter) and I get emails every day about jobs I might be interested in.

I’ve applied for a good number — and I’ve interviewed for a few.

I reasoned that when my contract job ended, I’d be on the verge of something new.

So, I was preparing to go from two full-time and one part-time job right back into the exact same scenario.

To be clear: I loved the client that hired me for this full-time work. I loved the work.

Plus, working all those jobs over the course of a year allowed me to save a good bit of money. I mean, I didn’t really have time to do much but work.

So, why did I delete the job search alerts?

Because I’m done.

Currently, I teach essentially a full-time course load and have a part-time client that pays me regularly.

I also write.

A lot.



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