Why Do I Keep Writing About ManyStories?

Money? Fame? Neverending coffee?

Andy Spears
2 min readMay 30


Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash

It’s the coffee.

Well, it’s the coffee I’m drinking. And paying for.

That coffee is seemingly neverending and it fuels my content creation.

Or, well, maybe.

I write about my adventures on ManyStories every single week.

This past week, I was the number two top writer — with 11 stories shared.

The number one writer had 53.

Guess I need EVEN more coffee.

Still, I share each week about ManyStories and how it seems to be helping my Medium journey.

And by seems, I mean the stats show these stories do get Medium readers.

Medium read time = money.

So, yes, it’s the money. Probably about $5 of my earnings this month will come from stories about ManyStories.

The coffee I buy costs $8 a bag and lasts through the work week. So, one month of ManyStories stories — that’s 4 per month — gets me through almost a whole week of coffee.

That’s the secret.

So, yeah, I share at ManyStories on a regular basis — and there’s been a slow, steady uptick in reads on my Medium stories.

Plus, the many ManyStories stories mean more money.

My goal: Earn enough writing about sharing at ManyStories to buy a whole bag of coffee.

But why stop there?

Eventually, sharing at ManyStories will give me enough material to buy coffee for an entire month.

What if I drank all that coffee in a week? Maybe then, I’d quadruple my production.

The possibilities are endless.



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