Where Did All the Half People Go?

A search for Substack readers

Andy Spears


Photo by Nazar Strutynsky on Unsplash

For a long time, my Substack on education policy was attracting a steady stream of half people.

I appreciated this steady growth and especially appreciated the 10% of new subscribers who also chose the paid option.

With 45 people per month (1.5/day — 3 half people? 1 whole person and a half person?) — and 4–5 new paid subscribers per month, I was beginning to see a strong future with Substack.

Then June happened.

Fuck you, June!

Ok, not really.

June is actually a pretty great month with weather that is not too hot where I live. I had a good June.

Just not on Substack.

I attracted just 30 new subscribers and ZERO new paid subscriptions.

I know, I know — it’s summer and people are not likely lining up to read the intricacies of education policy.

Everyone is busy reading riveting fiction and working on their tan or whatever.

Still, seeing this drop gave me pause.

Where ARE all the half people??

Did they get mad because I exposed them? Are they reading someone else? (And really, why?)

Are they ok?

Were they absorbed into whole people?

It’s all so disturbing.

Anyway, I’m off to write more on Substack — sending out into the void and hoping the half people return.

It should be noted that the concern over half people was inspired by a comment from Claire Franky. Definitely check out her writing.

If worrying about people is too much for you, here’s a story about a cat:



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