What Do You Share at ManyStories?

It’s a one-stop shop for reading your favorite writers

Andy Spears


Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

I’ve been reading and sharing content over at ManyStories for just over a month now.

This week, I was notified that I was the #2 writer for the week.

What that means is I was a top sharer of stories. You see, ManyStories is a platform for sharing content — you don’t write original content there, like you might on Medium.

You do share your content and also discover content from other writers.

I’ve been among the top 10 writers on the site for a number of weeks now.

I’m also in the top 10 readers.

That means I’m not only sharing content, but also reading new content and discovering new writers.

The question, though, is what do I share at ManyStories?

The answer?


For me, ManyStories is a one-stop shop for my writing.

I publish a Substack on education policy and another on consumer protection.

I share those posts on ManyStories.

I write here at Medium on a range of issues — and share those posts on ManyStories.

As a Medium writer, I get paid based on reads and read time — so, it’s nice to have one more outlet where my Medium posts can get some exposure.

There are a lot of Medium writers sharing on ManyStories — this means, lots of Medium readers, too.

It has also meant I’ve discovered some new Medium writers.

Finally, I write on NewsBreak.

NewsBreak pays for reads, so again, having a few more clicks on my stories is helpful.

The bottom line: You can share anything on ManyStories and gain potential exposure to a new group of readers.

You can also discover new writing there.

In short: It’s a great way to see and be seen.



Andy Spears

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