What Do Top Writers Share on ManyStories?

The answer is in a song

Andy Spears
2 min readDec 18, 2023
Image from celebratory ManyStories email

I’ve been sharing my writing on ManyStories for almost a year now, and I have found the site to be interesting.

It’s a bit of a boost to my Medium content (and my work on other writing platforms).

One question that some writers ask: What do you share on ManyStories?

The answer is in this song:

Just a little bit of everything.

Yes, all my work on Medium goes there.

But, I also share my NewsBreak stories.

So far this month, this is my top earning story over at NB:

As fines go, this is a tiny penalty for Bank of America. Especially keeping in mind the $3 billion+ Wells Fargo was fined for defrauding customers.



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