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ManyStories can help you bring new readers to your Medium stories

Andy Spears


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Writing on Medium is pretty great.

You can write anything you want and then just hit the publish button.

Plus, there are some pretty solid writers here. That means while you are waiting for all the readers to flock to your kick ass content, you can read some other amazing content.

Hell, you might even learn something about writing from reading other writers.

Plus, the flock of readers to your story will be overwhelming — best to stay away from your stats for a while lest you have a heart attack at all the virality.

And then, then you check those stats. 9 views. 2 reads.

Building an audience is hard as fuck.

But you keep posting stories that get a few views and some reads. And you get to the end of a month and you’ve made $2.43.

Now you can get half of a latte.

Hell yeah!

Writing on Medium IS pretty great, I think.

Earning on Medium can be a challenge, but when you do, it sure feels nice.

How, then, do you maximize your audience? How can you reach more people?

One tool I’ve started using this year is ManyStories.

ManyStories is a content sharing platform that allows you to upload and share the stories you write — or, even, stories you like from other writers.

Plus, you can find some great stories there — many of them from Medium writers.

This past week, I was the number two writer at ManyStories.

Here’s all that means: I get my profile featured on the MS front page.

Why share on ManyStories? Because there are lots of writers/readers there who are also Medium members who may want to read your stories.

Maybe your content is NOT showing up in their Medium feed?

Well, now you have one more place for readers to find you.

If they’re Medium members, they may end up following you — on Medium AND on MS.

It’s a good idea to have more links to your content — and MS makes it easy.

Now, I’m not saying it will mean a rush of readers — but I have noticed an uptick in reads since I began my MS journey.

Sure, it’s great to write. It’s even better when there are people reading that writing.



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