Too Much Caffeine?

One writer says there’s no such thing

Andy Spears
2 min readJan 27, 2022


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What’s your writing routine? Does it involve coffee or tea? Do you find you need just a little boost (or a big one) to get things going?

One writer (Kristina Segarra) says she gets all juiced up on coffee in order to get in a “flow state.”

On Coffee and Writing. I kick my writer’s block to the curb… | by Kristina Segarra | ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR | Jan, 2022 | Medium

Judging from my experience, I’ve tried writing with and without caffeine. And I’ve found that when my brain is on a chemical boost, I get so much more productive. My brain thinks faster, and the words fly out of my brain like popcorn.

She even offers tips for how to caffeinate for optimal performance.

Personally, I start with coffee in the morning (2 cups) and then switch to tea after lunch. I also find that staying hydrated — drinking LOTS of water — helps, too.

Segarra compares writing to athletics, and she’s not wrong. Good writing is like a sport. It requires energy and focus and doing it well can be exhausting. Plus, caffeine does boost brain waves and there are even some studies that talk about caffeine as a way to prevent memory loss as we age.

Anyway, what’s your caffeine routine? Do you agree that a boost from coffee or tea makes you a better writer?



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