Time for Another Simily Update

Slow and steady and somewhat frustrating

Andy Spears


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I continue to chronicle my Simily journey — both so I can see what I’ve been doing and so I can share with other writers either on the platform or considering it.

Last week, I noted that Simily had surpassed 4000 members. Now, it is close to 4200.

It’s not exactly burning up with new members. Still, it is adding members each week.

Aside from the relatively small audience, another area of concern is activity. There are times when I go to the platform and find only two or three other “active” members. I mean, sure, 4200 people isn’t many. But it seems that a successful platform should have more activity than Simily currently does.

I will keep noting what I think Simily can do to improve the experience for readers and writers short of updating to a new hosting platform.

Here it is: Use Simily’s social media platforms to promote writing. Do something — anything — to promote the writing on the platform.

Highlight great writers. Showcase contest winners. Take out ads to let people know Simily exists. Vocal was big on advertising. I’m not crazy about Vocal, but I did see their ubiquitous ads.

I use Simily to publish short fiction. The site allegedly focuses on creative writing, and there is a fair amount of good creative writing there.

Here’s my most recent piece:

Prayer Warrior: A Macon County Supper Club Story — Simily

If you’re looking to earn money from your writing, Simily is NOT where it’s at right now. It may become that — and you may earn SOMETHING, but it’s not a big earning site.

I earn more in a single day on NewsBreak than in a month on Simily:

What’s your story? Have you written on Simily? What other platforms do you use for publishing creative writing?



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