This is One of Many Stories I Will be Sharing at ManyStories

Just because I really like encouraging emails

Andy Spears
2 min readJan 16, 2024
Super positive email from ManyStories


I’m #8!

I don’t even know how many writers are actively sharing content at ManyStories.

Probably 7.

Ok, more than 7.

Sure, sharing content at ManyStories *might* mean more eyes on your content.

What it DEFINITELY means is LOTS of encouraging emails!

Like the one in the picture above.

Or, emails that show you how many people have seen (not necessarily clicked on, viewed, or read) one of the pieces you’ve shared there.

Another very encouraging ManyStories email!

Hey, at least with ManyStories I have a sense of how often my content is showing up in feeds.

Are people clicking through and reading? Sometimes. I DO notice a bit of an increase in traffic by sharing at MS.

I write across a lot of platforms (Medium, NewsBreak, Substack, blog) and share all of it at ManyStories.



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