There Will be Many ManyStories Mondays

Yes, I’m still writing about this

Andy Spears
1 min readAug 21, 2023
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I mean, content is king.

Which means more content is more king.

And more ManyStories content makes one the king of a content sharing platform.

Kings have coin.

Like one coin.

From sharing their content on ManyStories and then writing about it on Medium and then sharing that story on ManyStories.

And seriously — like one coin. A nickel. Or, with the Medium updates, a dime.

I share on ManyStories because it works — it boosts (by a bit) the views/reads on my Medium content.

I also share my content from NewsBreak and Substack.

It’s a one-stop shop that gives me coin. For shopping.

For coffee.

And that is all. This king has to go searching for the crown he left at that burger place.

Also, I sometimes write fiction:


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