The Simily Journey Continues

24 weeks and still not yet 4000 members

Andy Spears
2 min readJun 27, 2022


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I’ve now been writing at Simily for 24 weeks.

Each week, I write an update about my experience on the platform.

For a number of weeks, I noted that growth was slow and steady and would soon eclipse 4000 members.

Well, not yet.

Only 12 members away from 4000, but growth has definitely slowed.

For me, Simily is a home for my fiction. Of course, I republish my fiction there here on Medium — why not capitalize on earnings from both platforms.

All of the fiction pieces I’ve published on Simily and republished here have earned on Medium — and the total is more than the Simily earnings. In fact, my fiction earns each month here on Medium.

Here’s the deal: Simily needs to update its hosting platform. Period.

Yes, they also need to continue promoting the writing on the site. Yes, they need to feature promising writers in their social media.

But, until they change platforms, growth will be slow. It’s a bit of a Catch-22, I suppose.

Ostensibly, if they had enough paid members, they could afford to upgrade. On the other hand, people are reluctant to pay because they are buying into a somewhat glitchy WordPress site.

In any case, I’m still there. I have found some good fiction and earned at least some additional money from my stories.

Here’s my most recent piece there:

Have you published on Simily? What’s your Simily story?



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