The Same Story at ManyStories

The content sharing platform has some advantages

Andy Spears
2 min readFeb 27


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Where do you go to find all the writing from your favorite writers in one place?

Sure, some writers have websites or blogs where they post their content.

One other possible avenue? ManyStories.

I’ve been writing there for just over a month and I’ve found the site to be useful for both exposing my work to new readers and also for finding new writers to enjoy.

This week, I was once again named a “top writer.”

Specifically, I was 4th place in their “Top Ten” list.

All this means is that of those sharing content on the site, I was in the top ten in terms of articles shared.

I was also a top ten reader.

And to me, that’s the point.

Yes, sharing your content may be one more way to get a few new eyes on your work.

But the fact that a number of the top sharers are also top readers demonstrates the site’s value.

You can find readers who will engage with (and even share) your posts.

For Medium writers, it is especially valuable when a Medium member who uses ManyStories reads your work — after all, you get paid on Medium based on read time.

I’ve seen headlines from pieces shared at ManyStories and clicked to find an article originally posted at Medium two years ago.

That’s content that’s not likely to show up in my Medium feed — it means new eyes for that writer’s work.

Also, there are some writers I absolutely adore.

If they write in more places than Medium, I can find their content (assuming they share it) at ManyStories.

I share much of my content — from Medium to NewsBreak to Substack — at ManyStories.

The site is simple to use and can get you more reads. Plus, you just might find a new writer to admire.



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