The Journey to 1000 Medium Followers

A story of patience and persistence

Andy Spears


Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash

I did it! I hit the Medium gold mine! 1000 followers! Now I’m gonna be rich!

Ok, so, I DO now have 1000 followers — and thank you to all of you who have read my work and hit the follow button.

Having regular readers makes the writing worthwhile.

No, I’m not gonna be rich from Medium — not yet, maybe not ever.

And, really, that’s not the point. At least for me. Writing is a great outlet and a way to share about issues and topics that matter to me.

Medium gives me the tools to get my writing in front of an audience. It also encourages connection and community — that’s an intangible benefit that pays real dividends.

It took me over a year to hit 1000 followers. The journey has been totally worth it.

When I started writing here, I wrote mostly about some policy issues that I’m passionate about: education and consumer protection/consumer finance.

Here’s a sample of each:

Writing at Medium is a great way to raise awareness around these issues. Here’s why:

Medium has a very high domain authority. That means stories on Medium have a good shot at ending up ranked high in search results.

In short, Medium is an established site with high credibility, and search engines like that.

Write a relevant headline and post the story on Medium, you are likely to get views — from people not already on Medium.

That’s a good thing.

I use these Medium stories to alert readers to my Substack newsletters on education and consumer finance.



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