The Fab Five from February

My top-earning stories from a month of writing on Medium

Andy Spears
2 min readMar 6, 2024
Photo by Tony Hand on Unsplash

This is it.

My monthly lookback on earnings to see which pieces earned the most in the past month.

The trends remain the same:

  1. Personal stories perform well
  2. Stories about earning money from writing are consistent earners
  3. Writing consistently (not necessarily more pieces, but regularly) boosts earnings.

With that, here are the pieces that earned the most for me last month.

This one’s about a favorite target: The short-term lending app Dave.

Dave’s mascot is a cartoon bear. The app uses all kinds of marketing gimmicks to convince users or would-be users to take out short-term loans.

It’s generally a bad deal and rarely does taking on more debt make the stress of debt feel better.



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