The Era of Half People May be Over

Or will their other halves return at a later date?

Andy Spears


Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

I wonder if one of the half people subscribing to my Substack is a smoking pumpkin?


For a while, I was growing pretty concerned about what appeared to be a proliferation of half people interested in education policy.

That is, my education policy Substack was seeing 45 new subscribers a month. 1.5 people per day.

Was it one whole person and one half person or was it three half people?

Then came June.

Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad June.

Of course, that’s a month when people are on vacation, not delving into the grimy depths of education issues.

So, my subscriber numbers dropped. To a dead even 30 new subscribers.

See also: July!

I think the half people are on to the fact that I’m on to them.

I’m actually pretty happy with a newsletter that is adding 1–1.5 new subscribers a day. Three to five of those each month end up becoming new paying members.

Thanks for fueling my coffee habit.

I don’t have any magical Substack secrets. I write about an issue that interests me and I’m thrilled there are some very interested readers. Even better, I earn some side money.

I suppose that IS the lesson: Write about what you care about, build community, and enjoy the process.

I also write some short fiction — here’s a sample:



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