That’s a Whole Lot of Half People

24,000 to be precise

Andy Spears
1 min readJul 20


Photo by Rob Curran on Unsplash

I’ve written a bit about my experience with Substack — about slow, steady growth.

In a typical month, I add 45 subscribers (5 of those paid). That adds up to 1.5 people per day.

Which led me to ask:

Where are all those half-people coming from?

Then, I read an article by Eve Arnold about her phenomenal newsletter growth:

24,000 half-people.

Some tops, some bottoms, some right, some left.

The bottom (or top or side) line:

Growth for a newsletter can be a slow process. As Eve says:

It’s a long game this newsletter thing.

In case you’d like a bit of fiction:



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