Tennessee General Assembly — Opening Week 2023

A recap of issues raised

Andy Spears


Photo by Thomas Konings on Unsplash

The Tennessee General Assembly returned to action this past week, gavling in on January 10th for the beginning of the 2023 legislative session.

Over at my education policy newsletter — The Education Report — I wrote about the three education issues that will likely get the most attention.

These are: Vouchers, 3rd Grade Retention, and Book Banning.

Of course, the potential entrance of Hillsdale College charter schools into Tennessee also figures to loom large over the session.

Activist groups used the opening week as an opportunity to outline their policy agendas. I’ve included here several stories on issues ranging from abortion to gun control to Medicaid expansion:

Both physicians and pastors spoke out on reproductive rights:

And a new group calling itself the Tennessee People’s Party outlined a “People’s Agenda” on a range of issues:

Just before the session began, Gov. Bill Lee unveiled a transportation plan that includes “pay lanes” designed to ease congestion:



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