Tennessee Doctor Announces Candidacy for Governor

Andy Spears
2 min readAug 28, 2021

Amid a COVID-19 surge that is closing schools across the state, Dr. Jason Martin has announced his candidacy for Governor of Tennessee. Martin, a Democrat, is hoping to unseat Gov. Bill Lee whose handling of the COVID crisis has come under fire.

Here’s more from Martin’s announcement:

Some of you have met me personally in the halls or waiting rooms of hospitals as I have cared for you or your loved ones in my ICUs. Some of you have probably seen me on your nightly news urging our elected officials to take the necessary steps to save lives in Tennessee.

My experience as a doctor in cities and rural communities has made it abundantly clear to me that Tennessee’s health care system is incompetent, our economy isn’t supporting people to afford their families’ needs, and Governor Bill Lee is failing our students.

And then came the COVID-19 pandemic, throughout which Governor Lee has continued to abandon Tennesseans, fail to rise to the occasion, and refuse to meet the moment. Rather than leading with policies to keep children in schools, businesses open, and families safe, Lee went on a fringe extreme rampage, firing top COVID officials, eliminating the power for local school boards to protect their vulnerable students by requiring masks, and lying about the protections needed against the virus.

Before the pandemic and unfortunately during the pandemic, our leaders have sown division through culture wars and social issues to distract from the fact they have abandoned us.

Dr. Jason Martin — image from campaign website

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