So, So Many ManyStories

It’s really a lot

Andy Spears


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So many stories.

So many stories about ManyStories.

This week, I was the 2nd top writer at ManyStories.

Obviously, I like sharing my content there.

But why?

Well, it’s one more way to encounter more potential readers.

It’s a place to put all my content — so reader can find my stories about education policy and the stories about consumer protection and even some fiction.

I write a lot at NewsBreak, and share those stories on ManyStories, too.

Plus, I often discover new material from Medium on ManyStories.

There are a lot of Medium writers sharing there — and so a lot of potential Medium readers ready to read your content.

Oh, and I even wrote and shared a story about a writing platform I thought was long dead.

Which brings me to this:

I’d love to find a platform more hospitable to fiction.

Or, maybe Medium IS that platform and I just need to share and write more.

Anyway, if I want to take a look back at my week in writing, ManyStories gives me an easy way to track all that work — and it also helps me boost my views just a bit.

That’s why I write so, so many stories about ManyStories.

This little bit of fiction concerns some concerning happenings in the Product Department:



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