Simily’s Dragon Era

In search of a flame that never was

Andy Spears
2 min readMar 7, 2024
Promotional email from Simily

When I first discovered the writing platform Simily, I was pretty excited.

It seemed like Medium, only heavily fiction-focused.

As someone who experiments a bit with fiction, I thought Simily would be a good place to practice.

A place (like Medium) to put my writing out there and to read other fiction and to learn and grow.

Sadly, that’s not really how it worked.

At all.

The site features a super basic interface (WordPress) and in the early days, it crashed a lot or simply didn’t work.

Plus, there was a ton of bad writing and essentially zero policing of content.

Simily has since restricted membership and made some other changes that have improved the quality of the writing there.

But, well, the site is still not where it should be. Or, could be.

Not really functional for writers.

I wrote about Simily’s attempted resurgence back in October:



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