Simily Stagnation?

Eight weeks in and everything seems very slow

Andy Spears


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I’ve been chronicling my journey on the writing platform Simily since I joined eight weeks ago.

While I noted last week that things seemed to be slowing down, this week, it is even slower. The platform added less than 100 followers in a week. When I first joined, the platform had over 1000 followers, quickly crossed the 2000 mark despite some tech issues, and then hit 3000 in relatively short order. Now, it’s just . . . stagnant.

My Numbers

My most-read story there has earned just under $1.00.

I have 97 followers and my total earnings at $2.96. Incidentally, that story is also a top earner for me here at Medium. I just republished it with the canonical link back to Simily. It was in my top 10 earning stories in February and is currently a top 5 for March. To me, that shows there is a healthy market for fiction on Medium if you hit the right audience. Of course, by having the story in both places, I can earn from both platforms.

Still, one of the initial attractions for Simily was the ability to focus on fiction and find an audience for it. If that’s more possible than I thought at Medium, that diminishes the importance of Simily.

In case you’re curious, here’s another Simily story that I republished here at Medium:


I have read from Glenn Stok and others that Simily is actively seeking feedback.



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