Simily Seven Weeks In

The saga continues at a slower pace

Andy Spears


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I’ve been chronicling my experience writing fiction on Simily for seven weeks now.

I was initially attracted to the site because of its supposed focus on fiction. I have to say, I have definitely found some decent fiction there. Of course, the site now accepts writing that is not fiction, but there is a lot of good fiction writing to be found there. That’s encouraging.

I was initially skeptical there’d be much engagement with stories, but I’ve found that my posts do generate a decent number of comments and that the feedback I receive is usually both positive and helpful.

I’ve posted five stories there so far. My highest earning story is still under $1. Here it is:

Here’s what I’ve noticed in the last few weeks: Simily is slowing down. there are now just over 3000 members. Last week, the site was approaching 3000 members. So, it looks like in a single week, they’ve added less than 100 new members. That’s NOT encouraging. Still, I’ve seen my pieces get reads and I’ve noticed new content is consistently posted. That IS encouraging.

Why isn’t Simily growing? The site can sometimes load slowly, and some writers report it goes down quite a bit.

That’s frustrating. I will note that the founders are doing a series of calls with members to get feedback on how to improve. I think that’s a very encouraging sign. They are here now and want to figure out how to grow and evolve into a fiction-focused competitor to Medium. I like that.

Here’s my latest story there — give it a read and let me know what you think:

Have you published on Simily? What’s your favorite platform for fiction? Where else (besides Medium) do you publish your work?



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