Simily is Sharing!

The writing platform is working to push out quality stories

Andy Spears


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I’ve written extensively about my Simily journey. It’s a relatively new writing platform that initially focused on fiction. There’s still a lot of fiction writing there, along with other genres now that they’ve expanded their reach.

Anyway, one of the big complaints about the platform is that they don’t really do much to promote the work of writers on their site. I know the founders are doing a series of calls to get feedback, but it would be great to see some actual changes — some moves in the right direction.

Enter the latest email I received from Simily.

Send Us Your Favorite Stories! (

Yes! Simily is asking readers (and writers) to select some favorite stories so that a list of the “best reads” on Simily can be created and distributed/promoted.

Finally! In the absence of a platform migration or other major change, the promotion of existing content on the site will both encourage writers to write and let readers know that Simily is a place with some solid writing.

Of the stories I’ve published on the platform so far, this is my favorite:

I’ve also read some good work by other writers and plan to use this opportunity to hopefully give them a bit of a boost.

What do you think? Is this a positive step for Simily? What else should they be doing to promote their platform?



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