Simily Gets Spooky

But the site is still basically dead

Andy Spears
2 min readOct 31, 2023
Simily’s Spooky Stories Announcement

When I first discovered the creative-writing-focused site Simily, I wrote there. A lot. And I wrote about it. A lot.

But the site died. Or maybe it was never really alive.

Still, like a zombie still generating at least some cash for the founders, Simily made its way back.

Sort of.

The site is still WordPress-based.

Now, though, you have to jump through some hoops to become a member and only members can read.

The idea was to improve the quality of writing and reduce spam.

While I think the writing quality is better — in the sense that there are significantly fewer nonsense pieces simply angling for a few cents from reads — it’s not clear there’s much community.

In any case, when Simily sent an email promoting its Halloween Spooky Stories, I clicked. Just to take a look.

One of my stories — iSpy — is on the list.



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