Simily Gets Spooky

But the site is still basically dead

Andy Spears


Simily’s Spooky Stories Announcement

When I first discovered the creative-writing-focused site Simily, I wrote there. A lot. And I wrote about it. A lot.

But the site died. Or maybe it was never really alive.

Still, like a zombie still generating at least some cash for the founders, Simily made its way back.

Sort of.

The site is still WordPress-based.

Now, though, you have to jump through some hoops to become a member and only members can read.

The idea was to improve the quality of writing and reduce spam.

While I think the writing quality is better — in the sense that there are significantly fewer nonsense pieces simply angling for a few cents from reads — it’s not clear there’s much community.

In any case, when Simily sent an email promoting its Halloween Spooky Stories, I clicked. Just to take a look.

One of my stories — iSpy — is on the list.

I suppose any exposure for these stories is good — and perhaps this will generate some interest in my other writing.

If you’d like to check out the rest of the Simily spooky stories, you can do that here.

Here’s more of my short fiction:


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