Simily for Newbies

A new writer has questions about a new writing platform

Andy Spears


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A self-described writing hobbyist, new Medium writer GK Kingsley is an even newer writer over at Simily.

My early thoughts of Simily. Have you trotted over there yet? I’m… | by GK Kingsley | May, 2022 | Medium

She’s a poet — and she knows it! Simily seems (to me) a good fit for her short pieces in that the platform claims to celebrate creative writing in all forms. Plus, they pay based on reads, not reading time. As such, a short poem earns the same as a longer piece as long as it gets “read.”

In any case, GK has some questions for others who have tried Simily:

If you understand how Simily works, could you share some bullet point tips in the comments here?

I know there’s only a community of about 4000 writers on there at the moment. However, to me that screams opportunity rather than not-worth-the-effort. Should I join, be an early adopter, and start paying? Or should I hold fire. What do you reckon?

If you’re using Simily, what are your earnings? And what sort of content are you posting? It would be great to get a feel for how it’s working for other people. I’m probably not approaching things correctly.

Again, if you’re using Simily, what other marketing methods are you using? I’m guessing that, because they’re currently paying for external views, using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and even Medium could be a good idea.

I’ve tried to help along as I’ve been on Simily since January, but I’m sure she’d appreciate any additional assistance or guidance.

In case your curious, here’s a bit about my Simily journey:

And if you’re wondering what I write there, here’s one of the pieces of short fiction I’ve published on the site:

Be sure to leave your Simily tips in the comments!



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