Simily at 17

Waiting for change

Andy Spears


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I’ve been writing at Simily since the beginning of the year and at the same time, chronicling my journey there with regular posts about it here on Medium.

As I was thinking about what to write for Week 17, I was reminded of Harry Chapin’s song “She is Always Seventeen.” When I was younger, I’d ride around in the car with my dad and he’d play Harry Chapin’s Greatest Hits — yes, the car had a tape player. That song always stood out to me.

This piece by No Words, No Song talks about another great Chapin tune:

“W.O.L.D.” — Harry Chapin. I love a song that tells a complete… | by No Words, No Song | Medium

Likewise, my Simily journey is 17 this week. Well, 17 weeks, not 17 years. Still, it kinda feels like Simily is always 17. Full of possibility, on the verge of change, and not quite sure what’s next.

The site continues to net about 100 new members a week. Not bad for an outfit not doing much promotion and not really evolving.

Here’s a good summary of what the Simily founders are thinking and planning from writer Kurt Dillon:

To be fair, Simily has announced at least one effort at promoting the writing on their site — that IS encouraging:

I like Simily because I think it has the potential to be a creative writing version of Medium — and because there HAS to be something out there better than Vocal.



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