Simily 10,000?

The site grows rapidly and starts offering new services

Andy Spears


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I continue to regularly chronicle my journey on the creative writing platform Simily. Just two weeks ago, I noted the site was seeing some rapid growth and had surpassed 6000 members.

Today when I logged in to check things out and get ready to write this update, I noted the site now has over 8800 members. That’s big growth. Adding nearly 3000 members in two weeks is a big deal.

It means more writers on the site and more people interested in reading the writing on the site.

This is encouraging as it shows Simily is working to attract members and what they are doing is working.

Of course, unless they up their game in terms of site functionality and social media promotion, they may have difficulty retaining these new members.

That leads to what I wrote about last week — the site’s “free writing” day where writers can get together and receive prompts and/or workshop pieces together.

This is also encouraging.

Then, I noticed an email today about writing services. The site is offering to provide editing and review of works up to 10,000 words. When I clicked the “register” button, I noted there is a cost attached — $100.

Here’s what writers get for that cash:

Proofreading/Copy Editing: Detailed review of your work with a focus on grammar, mechanics, sentence structure, and style.

Development Story Editing: In-depth feedback on plot and character development.

Content Story Editing: High-level feedback on the overall plot and purpose of the story.

There’s also an add-on of one-on-one coaching from your editor — that’s $75.

First, I think it is great that Simily is seeking to offer this type of service to their writers.

Second, it seems this service is a planned revenue source for the platform. Will that revenue help them improve the site? Will it result in better writing on the site?

I’m curious to see how the editing services work and what writers think of the feedback they receive.

Two takeaways:

  1. Simily is finally growing
  2. Simily is offering MORE to its writers

Time will tell if these changes mean an overall better Simily.



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