Show Them You Love Them With Debt

A cartoon bear knows just what your special someone wants this Valentine’s Day

Andy Spears
2 min readFeb 12, 2024
Email from the Dave App

The Dave App has a seemingly endless stream of email marketing messages designed to lure potential customers into taking out just one more loan.

Last week, they were pitching loans to help cover the costs of your Super Bowl party.

Now, there’s an email letting you know that if you can’t quite cover the cost of something nice for your Valentine, Dave can help.

It must be pretty amazing to be on the email marketing team over at Dave. What will they devise next to tempt you into a loan?

To put it simply, Dave is a payday predator.

That bear is hungry for more customers who just “need” a little debt to get by.

I’m sure your sweetheart will love learning that you took on additional debt just to buy dinner or some token of your affection.

Here’s the deal: While inflation and income inequality may deflate your Valentine’s (or Super Bowl or other occasion) plans, a partner who really loves you wants you to be the best you.

And the best you minimizes debt.

My advice: Beware of cartoon bears bearing cash.



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