Should You Go Into Debt for Donuts?

Dave says it’s fine as long as they are not from Dunkin’

Andy Spears
2 min readMar 9, 2024
Promotional email from fintech lender Dave

Planning to shop local to support your community’s economy?

Don’t have any cash?

No problem!

Just borrow up to $500 from the Dave App.

You know, the one with the friendly cartoon bear.

Yes, that cartoon bear. The one with the gambling problem.

Anyway, in Dave’s never-ending quest to convince borrowers to take out just one more loan, they are embracing the shop local movement.

Need donuts and want to support a local business owner but you blew all your money on that weekend in Las Vegas?

Just get a loan with an interest rate in the mid-triple digits from Dave.

Such a friendly bear.

Just make sure you don’t buy those donuts from Dunkin’.

Seriously, it’s what Dave says:



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