Regions Bank Warns of Common Scam

Bank alerts to customers to dangers of “smishing”

Andy Spears


Photo by Pradamas Gifarry on Unsplash

Regions Bank is alerting customers to what it calls a “common” scam whereby nefarious characters attempt to access a customer’s banking credentials via text message.

Here’s more from a Regions email alert:

If you receive a text message asking for banking credentials or personal information, it may be an example of smishing. This popular new scam attempts to fraud by text message. It may be someone claiming to represent your bank, a utility company or a big-box store.

Regions notes some key signs that could indicate a texting scam:

Misspelled words

Letters that should not be capitalized

Incorrect grammar

A link that doesn’t look right — hover over links to
view the URL before clicking

Requests to provide or update personal or
financial information, including passwords

If you receive a text like this, be incredibly aware. If in doubt, call the number on the back of your credit or debit card to determine if the request is legitimate.

Definitely avoid giving out personal information or account information over text.

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