Publishing Fiction on Simily

What It’s Like to Write on a Fiction Forward Platform

Andy Spears
2 min readJan 9, 2022


So, I just published my first piece on Simily.

Escalator Down for Repair — Simily

I found out about the site from an article by Burk.

Then, I read more about Simily from Kristina God.

Her piece offers 10 reasons one should write on Simily. Plus, if you read her piece, you’ll find a code for one month of Simily for free. That means you could spend some time reading there and find out if the platform is for you.

Yes, I took the free month. I like writing fiction — it’s a bit of an escape for me. I write short stories and have done some work on what I hope will become a novel.

The site seems to be a lot like Medium — except it is definitely dedicated to fiction. As Burk noted, Simily does now accept non-fiction work, but it is a fiction-first site.

That’s why I’m excited about it. Vocal is ostensibly a site that features fiction, but it seems difficult to gain traction there. By contrast, Simily, though new, seems to be borrowing from the type of community-building that has (so far) made Medium a success.

I’m interested to see how publishing there goes.

UPDATE: I’ve spent a week on Simily, here’s how it’s going.

And, here’s my second story published there:

Have you published on Simily? If so, how is it going for you?

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