Precious is the Flow: A Macon County Supper Club Story

Secrets of a small-town church group

Andy Spears


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Martha was the only member of the supper club not to have been born and raised in the faith. In fact, until she married Ronald, she’d been a sometimes practicing Catholic. Well, except for the two prior divorces. Mass had been a part of her life until she decided on Ronald.

Ronald had explained to Martha how he’d grown up Baptist. How Connor Street had been good to him even when he’d fallen from grace. Ronald had told Martha about his fall. Most of it, anyway. Sure, there were still misunderstandings from time to time. Jesus was still working in Ronald. He’d felt the Lord right beside him on his darkest nights in jail.

Ronald made clear he had an open mind, but if he was going to remarry, his wife would at least need to make an effort to attend Connor Street. He’d really prefer if she joined.

Martha figured it was a small price to pay for a man as strong and kind as Ronald. Plus, it wasn’t like she was fully embraced by the Catholic Church.

Within a month of her marriage to Ronald, Martha had made a profession of faith at Connor Street. Although she repeatedly told Ronald how ridiculous it was, she was ultimately baptized and became a full member of the church. Truth be told, it was nice for Martha to feel welcome somewhere. She’d always been spiritual, if skeptical. Now, she had a home.

Ronald’s marriage to Martha marked a huge step forward on his path to redemption. That he’d brought her into the faith was but further evidence that Christ was truly working through him. Like Paul and so many others, God used even the fallen to achieve his High Purpose.

What can take away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus

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The women of the supper club were intrigued by Martha. On the nights she hosted, she always offered wine. Wanda usually had a glass, but Sandra always passed. Sometimes, Evelyn would have some while she helped Martha clean up. What Jim (her husband) didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.



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