Prayer Warrior — A Macon County Supper Club Story

The power of healing hands

Andy Spears
7 min readJul 3, 2022


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Sandra got out of the passenger side of the mid-size luxury SUV parked in the back lot of the high school. She squirted germ-x on one hand and rubbed it into the other. She never looked back, just walked straight to her own car, parked about 100 feet away. She drove a sensible Toyota Corolla. She’d bought it with cash.

Tonight was supper club night, so she had to get back home and start her green bean casserole and pretzel salad. Of course, as head of the Prayer Warriors at church, Sandra was often called to meet a congregant in distress. Someone who needed prayers, but just couldn’t talk about it over the phone. So, she’d spent the first part of this Saturday morning talking with Will. Will was fairly new to Connor Street, mid-30s, two kids, divorced. He’d been struggling to get his footing, and thought going back to church might help him focus. Sandra and her uncanny ability to access the power of the Lord through prayer seemed like just the thing to push him forward.

Have Thine own way Lord/Have Thine own way

Photo by Krish Parmar on Unsplash

Sandra’s husband had died some years ago and everyone was surprised but pleased that she now dated Billy. Everyone loved Billy. The simple, round-faced man who always had a smile and a positive word. He’d lost his wife just before their 40th wedding anniversary. A few months later, he’d asked Sandra to lunch after church, and they’d been a couple ever since. Bright, positive Billy and Prayer Warrior Sandra. Just one more of the mysterious ways God was working in Connor Street Baptist.

Though Billy kept his house, he spent most of his time at Sandra’s. Yes, they’d “known” each other in the Biblical sense. In fact, it seemed Sandra couldn’t get enough of “knowing” Billy. He didn’t much mind. Which is to say he liked it, a lot. But, at first her sheer desire had been a surprise. Billy was a good, hard-working man. Still, no one would describe him as much to look at. His positivity made him appealing, and he guessed that’s why Sandra liked him, too.



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