Physicians Call for Investigation into Bill Lee’s Handling of COVID-19

Andy Spears
3 min readJul 14, 2021

Tennessee Governor Faces Scrutiny as COVID Cases Rise in Volunteer State

Reacting to the firing of Dr. Michelle Fiscus, Tennessee physicians last night launched a letter to the Justice Department calling for an independent counsel to investigate Governor Bill Lee for “reckless misconduct and abuse of his office’ for his suppression of public health and safety guidance and for the political firing of the state’s top health employee, Dr. Michelle Fiscus, just for her doing her job to help vaccinate, and protect, children ahead of school resuming this fall.

Dr. Jason Martin, a critical care physician who has been treating COVID-19 patients since the beginning of the pandemic said, “Over the last year, Governor Lee has continued to reject the advice of health experts which has prolonged the COVID crisis and brought us entirely avoidable school and business closures and avoidable hospitalizations and deaths. Bill Lee’s misconduct , suppressing vital, life saving public health guidance and now the political firing of a state health employee for doing her job, endangers Tennessean’s lives, threatens our state’s recovery and will result in more avoidable hospitalizations and deaths and he must be investigated, and held accountable.”

In a call earlier today, Dr. Martin shared the story of one COVID-19 patient he treated:

“I am still haunted by one case in particular — our team had to call a young girl, the only English speaker in her family — in the middle of the night — and tell her that her dad died. I have a daughter her age — i will never forget the anguish in that moment. Can you imagine what that felt like to make that call — or to receive that call as a child

“And it’s those stories, and the dozens of others, that I could recite in painful and vivid detail, that compel me to speak out against politicians and policies that endanger us all…. Because suffering like this is entirely, completely avoidable

“Unfortunately, Bill Lee has repeatedly undermined health professionals from the beginning of the pandemic — abdicating his responsibility to lead — his “fend for yourself” approach shifted the burden to mayors, parents, and business owners.

“Now, unfortunately, we see more of the same .. in the name of partisan politics, he’s acting to suppress vital, life saving public health guidance — FIRING our state’s top vaccine…



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