Of Memories, Medium, and Money

My Top 5 stories from August

Andy Spears
2 min readSep 5, 2023
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Every month, I write about the stories I wrote on Medium that earned the most in the previous month.

The trend/takeaway: Personal stories and being vulnerable attract readers.

A further takeaway: The new Medium money model seems to be offering even MORE rewards for these types of stories.

With that said, I’m still seeing stories about earning by writing (whether on Medium or other platforms) do quite well.

I’m also encouraged that while I published fewer stories in August, I earned more than I have since July 2022.

And with that, here are my Top 5 earning stories from August.

The first is a deeply personal piece about a particularly painful childhood memory:

Yes, reporting on earnings (even on a non-Medium platform) is still a solid earner — this one was number 2 in August:



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