October Earnings: A Trend Continues

Top stories are not ALL about writing

Andy Spears


Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Every month, I record my top earning stories on Medium — it’s a way for me to keep track of what is working and for other writers to see the types of stories that earn on Medium.

This month, my top earning story was about reaching a Medium milestone — 1000 followers.

Another exciting trend: My top earning stories were not ALL about writing.

My #2 earning story was a personal one — about how a bit of OCD helped me cope with a chaotic upbringing:

At #3 and #5 were stories about consumer finance issues — these are the stories I love to write — as I hope they help people better understand the financial marketplace. Here’s one of those:

Should You Get a Short-Term Loan from the Dave App? | by Andy Spears | Medium

At number 4: A story on my work on NewsBreak — a great site for writers to earn money — IF you are willing to follow their fairly strict content guidelines.

What about you? What types of stories do you find are consistent earners?



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