Not a Joke: Many Emails from ManyStories

A weekly source of motivation

Andy Spears
2 min readApr 1, 2024
Encouraging email from ManyStories

I write. A lot.

I write for my primary job.

I write to provide feedback for students in my part-time teaching work.

And I write stories here at Medium as well as on NewsBreak and Substack.

I enjoy writing and would do it even if there was a small audience. But, well, let’s be honest. Writing is great because there’s a chance to connect. To have your ideas read and shared and to discuss them with others.

One way to reach an audience is to find avenues for sharing your writing.

Medium is great for that — there’s a built-in community of readers.

And, I’ve found that ManyStories is another platform that allows me to reach new readers.

Plus, there are all these encouraging emails.

Emails that let me know when my articles have been seen by potential readers. Emails that let me know how many stories I shared in the past week. Emails that have cute little trophies attached.

It’s a little piece of encouragement that keeps me going.

Here’s a sample of a NewsBreak piece I shared over at MS:



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