My Simily Sweet 16

16 weeks on a new writing platform

Andy Spears


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Last week’s Simily update was brought to you from Seattle. I was there for a conference, but also found time to write.

Now, I’m back to my regular writing from Nashville. This week marks 16 weeks since I started my Simily journey. A “Sweet 16” of sorts, I suppose.

How’s it going?

Well, Simily now has more than 3500 members — not terrible. Still, the growth is slow. As I’ve noted before, the site seems to be averaging a net gain of about 100 members a week. Not fast at all, but not a mass exodus, either.

Then, there’s the latest effort by Simily to promote writing on the site. They’ve consistently done a “Story of the Month” and now they are curating a list of “best stories.”

The idea is that they will promote these stories — writers will actually see Simily pushing out some “top” stories from the site.

While they will ultimately need to migrate to a new platform to be sustainable, this active effort at promotion of writing on the site is encouraging.

In case you’re curious, here’s one of the stories I’ve published there:

Most of my writing is news and analysis related to education policy or consumer protection. However, I do sometimes write fiction and Simily seems to be a good place for that. Of course, I also republish my fiction here at Medium.

Anyone else here trying out Simily? How’s it going for you? What other sites have you found for publishing/promoting your fiction writing?



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