My Recipe for Medium Success: Drinking and Writing

But not at the same time

Andy Spears
2 min readJun 2, 2023
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Every month, I share my top five earning stories from the previous month.

This helps me analyze what’s working and it may show other writers a bit about the types of pieces that can earn here. Or maybe not. Still, it’s information. Which, let’s face it, is power.

The past two months have been some of my best on Medium.

In fact, April 2023 was my best earning month since July of 2022. May of 2023 was just a bit behind April, but still a very solid month.

What’s the difference?

Drinking and writing and writing about drinking

No, I’m not drinking while I’m writing. In fact, I don’t drink at all now and haven’t for some time.

I have, however, started writing about my own experiences with alcohol and my struggles with stopping once its use became a problem in my life.

These past two months of decent Medium earnings (ability to buy more than one cup of coffee from my Medium deposit) have coincided with my willingness to write about my experience with drinking.

In April, three of my top five earning stories were about alcohol. Or, rather, about what it’s like to be…



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