My NewsBreak Earnings were 6x My Medium Earnings in November

A trend continues

Andy Spears


Photo by Taras Shypka on Unsplash

In what has become a regular occurrence, my earnings on NewsBreak have outpaced my Medium earnings by a significant amount. This month, the difference was 6x.

As I’m noted before, NewsBreak has some very specific content guidelines. But, if you follow them, your stories will get published and get in front of an audience.

This means you’ll get views and earn money.

I’ve been working on ramping up my NewsBreak content — looking for new sources for stories. I write article about consumer issues there — like some of the ones I publish here.

I also write about local politics in Tennessee. These stories tend to generate some pretty — interesting — comments. They also tend to get a lot of views.

My following on NB continues to grow, and I’ve been able to count on consistent side income from the site in the last few months.

At the same time, I’ve stopped publishing new material on Simily.

I like writing on NewsBreak because I can count on the money that will come in and I can see growth happening there.

Plus, they now allow you to plug your other work. I use my NewsBreak articles as an opportunity to highlight my Substack newsletters on consumer finance and education policy.

In short, I enjoy the NewsBreak writing experience.

What are your favorite outlets for paid writing?

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