My NewsBreak Earnings Were 5x My Medium Earnings in October

Just like in September

Andy Spears


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The joy of writing is certainly not in the piles of money one makes from expressing their thoughts.

However, many writers do seek to earn some money from the time invested in their writing.

And, we should. Writers invest time and energy in crafting stories — and to the extent those stories convey a message and help others, compensation is warranted.

Writing IS work.

A sentiment I expressed in a piece about embracing the life I have and pushing toward my dreams.

When I first began writing on Medium, I was attracted to the partner program. I saw it as a chance to both experiment with writing AND earn some cash.

Over time, the earnings part has materialized — though it is certainly not a lot of money. Still, it more than pays for my Medium membership and gives me some extra money to spend on coffee/snacks throughout the month.

The real benefit of writing on Medium is the community.

That said, I still want to earn from my writing.

NewsBreak has been (so far) a reliable source of monthly income.

This month was the same as last month — I earned on NewsBreak at a rate 5x greater than my Medium earnings.

The benefit of earning on NewsBreak is money buys time.

As I move more toward a life of writing and teaching, the money earned on a site like NewsBreak allows me to turn down contract jobs and focus on my writing.

In addition to writing here at Medium and on NewsBreak, I have Substack newsletters on consumer finance and education policy.

I’m also putting together what I hope will be a first novel — and I’ve written some of the character introductions here:

In short, as I earn from writing on NewsBreak (about consumer issues and local politics), I free up time to do the more meaningful writing that I hope defines the next phase of my working life.

This article contains affiliate links for which I am compensated. Want to write at NewsBreak, check it out here.



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