My NewsBreak Earnings were 2x My Medium Earnings in August

Last month, Medium meant more money

Andy Spears
2 min readSep 5, 2023
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Writing at Medium is fun.

There’s a community.

Writing is like therapy.

Medium is neat because you can write stuff and earn coffee money.

I mean, sure, I like writing.

I also enjoy earning at least a little bit of money from my writing.

(Oh, and yes, I DO actually like the community here).

Anyway, since joining NewsBreak over a year ago, I’ve seen earnings there that have greatly eclipsed my earnings here at Medium.

Typically, I’d earn from NewsBreak 5–10x what I’d earn on Medium.

Not in August.

That number went down to only double.

So, sure, more money.

But, why?

Well, Medium has changed how it calculates earnings.

For a number of writers I read regularly, it seems to mean more money.

That’s also been the case for me.

Yes, I’ll still write on NewsBreak because the earnings are pretty solid and pretty consistent.



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